Inside the Liberal Democrats Party Conference

What happens when you take young people from different areas and organizations and throw in some politicians? Well the result will shock you as it shocked me. At the Liberal Democrats party conference in Bournemouth there was no shortage of young people who were passionate and enthusiastic to make their voices heard by the people who could make a difference.

As part of the Youth Zone event party members and youth charities got together to debate policies for young people. I joined the charity UK Youth and O2 Think Big to discuss Education and Skills with Lord Storey and Lorely Burt who lead for the party on those areas. I had concerns about opportunities and programs to help young people become more confident and teach them life skills that truly matter and the truth is I thought I was the only one. In fact the majority of people I spoke to and heard from had the same views.

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Soneil Gonez – from Gamer to Microsoft Apprentice

I’Microsoftm a Microsoft Apprentice, working as a Support Engineer since last September. I support the global corporations that use Microsoft’s database software to solve technical problems. Essentially, my job is to seek out broken code and find solutions that keep these businesses up-and-running. I’m learning loads as an apprentice, but its real work too – nofluffy errands – there’s code flying everywhere.

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